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The Impact of COVID-19 on

Your company’s future

There has never been a more important time to understand your top talent.  The emergency created by COVID-19 has highlighted the need for employees who can maximize productivity and can compete in a global environment.


You Can’t Afford to Be Left Behind.

Use POWERS 2.0 Corporate to Identify and Retain Your Organization’s Top Talent.

Why Does Top Talent Leave?

According to Gallup, Top Talent leaves organizations due to:

  • Conflict with boss
  • Lack of engagement 
  • Being blocked of developing and growing skills
  • Lack of appreciation for their skills and talent


1 in 5

Employees feel they are NOT managed in a way that is motivating


Only 5% employees who are considered talented and engaged stay with a company for 10+ years


Gallup cites that only 15% of employees report feeling engaged


POWERS 2.0 Corporate identifies areas of personality, behavior, talent, leadership, and work-life balance beyond any other organizational assessment.  Get insights at a  departmental or employee level within an organization in order to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY and RETAIN TOP TALENT. 

POWERS 2.0 Corporate Will Save Your Business or Organization Money  

Stress and burnout will only accelerate due to the global pandemic of COVID-19.  Whether it is costing your organization hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars stress remains one of the biggest obstacles in every business.  It must be addressed for your company to survive and thrive. 

1 in 5

Employees is estimated to be in the wrong position for their skills 


How much unnecessary stress costs the average company per employee



The percentage of the workforce who experiences stress that directly effects their health



The US rank for work-life balance is in the bottom 25% out of 38 countries 


We Offer Fully Digital Assessments and Provide Resources That Will Improve The Functioning, Productivity, and Performance of Your Organization

POWERS 2.0 Corporate

Is the Solution You Need

POWERS 2.0 Corporate

Predictor of World-Class Excellence Rating Scales 

The POWERS 2.0 Corporate assesses key strengths and determines distinct limitations that may be interfering with one’s workplace potential.

The POWERS was developed by a team of doctors and high-level consultants with backgrounds in Fortune 500 business consultancy, neuroscience, and psychology. The POWERS is based on decades of research on personality, productivity, health, wellness, intelligence, and interpersonal skills resulting in a proven success formula.  It can be used to not only transform skills in the workplace, but reduce turnover, increase productivity, retain top talent, and promote a healthy work-life balance.

The Uses of the POWERS

The POWERS is an empirically derived assessment used to identify primary strengths and weaknesses correlated with long-term success.  With precise accuracy you will discover exactly where someone is regarding their strengths and obstacles.

Only by knowing where someone is starting can we help them fill in the gaps to reach satisfaction leading to peak performance , reduced turnover, retaining top talent, and an increase in productivity of the organization. 

Who Is It For


Business leaders


Pre-employment Screening

Other key staff

What Is It About

Leadership Roles

Workplace Performance

Corporate Events

Teams Big and Small

Balancing Work and Home Life

Why To Use It

Talent Retention

Improve Performance

Reduce Stress

Improve Engagement

Save Money


The 21 POWERS 2.0 Corporate Categories for Success

Interpersonal Powers

Body Language

Powers of Communication



Powers of Reason

Analytic Powers


Detail Oriented







Work-Life Balance

Time with Family 

Work Boundaries





Socializing with Friends

Fitness Awareness


Powers of Leadership





Openness to Growth

Incorporating Feedback





Instant Personalized Success Guide to Assist in

Achieving Work-Life Balance.

Personalized Guidance on the Impact of Traits on 5 Areas For Each Scale and Tips for Enhancing These Traits

The Peak Performance

Data Lab


For entire organizations, departments, or large teams, be able to take a deep dive into the POWERS results with a click of a button.

Data Labs are preconfigured by Your Success Insights so all you have to do is examine you data.

With Our Data Lab You Are Able To:

  • Look at the overall health of your organization.
  • Compare the performance of departments or individuals.
  • Examine inter-department strengths and weaknesses.
  • Observe trends, identify deficits, manage, and examine every performance on every metric provided by the POWERS 2.0 Corporate.
  • Use our Team Builder to make sure that each team has all important and relevant characteristics represented.





What You Get In A POWERS 2.0 Corporate Assessment

Desktop or Mobile Access

Information on Workplace Traits and Personal Well-Being

Large Teams Have the Option to Also Get Access to the Interactive Peak Performance Lab

A Fully Customized Report and Success Guide

Detailed Information on 21 Dimensions

Discover Strengths and Obstacles

Get your Results Instantly in a Comprehensive Report that is Easy to Read & Implement.
Print it or View it 24/7 from your Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone. 

Access Your Organization’s Personalized Online Peak Performance Lab

  • Preconfigured by Your Success Insights for your convenience.
  • Use our data studio to get a surface overview of your organization’s performance or take a deep dive into the intricacies of the information. 
  • No technical knowledge necessary to get full use out of the lab. 

How was POWERS 2.0 Corporate developed?

The POWERS was developed by using empirically derived research on leadership, job performance, and personality to create a set of questions that measures traits which highlight the most important of these attributes.

Much of the research used as a basis for the questions on the POWERS correlates with traits on the Big Five Personality Inventory.

The POWERS measures what are considered to be the most relevant and important aspects of success at work and home.

Are You Ready to Discover the POWERS of Your Top Talent ?

Predictor of World-Class Excellence Rating Scales

The POWERS measures the most relevant aspects of success at work and at home.

Isn’t it time to increase the productivity and success of your employees?

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