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The AES System: Assessment and Solutions for Soldiers

The AES System assesses each Soldier’s challenges with reintegration and PTSD using one of the AES Assessments: the AES Assessment-Active Duty or the AES Assessment-Post Deployment. The AES App provides a digital guide for solutions to challenges identified by the AES Assessment.

The AES Assessment identifies problem areas, and the AES App addresses how to improve functioning in a wide variety of areas. Both the assessment and the App are empirically derived from decades of psychological and military research. The AES App uses customized tools to target PTSD symptoms and reintegration problems in veterans.

The AES System


The AES Assessment

  • Identifies 12 Dimensions of Trauma
  • Provides Comprehensive Feedback
  • Entirely Digital
  • Get results instantly with no interpretation necessary

The AES App

  • Interactive support guide
  • Access on any iPhone or android device
  • Provides comprehensive tools for addressing problems 

Tools for Clinicians

  • AES can be used with clinicians as well
  • Comprehensive Digital Clinician’s Guide
  • Includes a 12 session program for groups or indivdiuals 

Understanding the AES System

Resources for Clinicians

In addition to the AES App, there is a digital guide for clinicians to treat the various areas addressed by AES in more depth. The Clinician’s Guide provides everything a clinician needs to implement a program with active duty service members and veterans, using AES to work through post-deployment issues in individual therapy or a therapy group.

AES Development

AES was developed with extensive input and feedback from active duty military members, veterans, and loved ones. The original request for the development of AES was from a Vietnam era Navy Seal who said there needed to be resources for this generation of veterans that were lacking after the Vietnam War. A print version of AES has been used for over a decade in numerous Patriot Support Programs (inpatient), and at several Universal Health Services facilities / hospitals serving veterans of all ages.


The AES Assessment

The AES Assessment is unique in that it comprehensively identifies the primary issues that veterans deal with after being deployed or going downrange. The assessment measures the various domains most commonly affecting veterans’ quality of life at home. There are a variety of adaptive skills acquired in combat situations which are critical for survival. However, these skills can create a variety of problems back home.

The AES assessment not only assesses for PTSD but includes 12 behavioral, social, and emotional dimensions where problems are most commonly observed. Some of the areas assessed include guilt, secretiveness, conflict, and aggression.

The AES App

The AES App, which contains an interactive digital support guide for veterans, provides solutions to obstacles facing Soldiers after their deployment and effective ways to overcome the challenges of reintegration. The App can be used anywhere and assists in skill development and problem-solving. The App is designed for both independent uses by post-deployment military personnel and those participating in individual or group therapy. There are a wide variety of issues addressed such as managing stress and anger, the dangers of alcohol, and sleep onset/maintenance difficulty.


Predictor of World-Class Excellence Rating Scales Assessment – Military


A comprehensive and dynamic assessment system with an emphasis on military experience.  POWERS-M evaluates a veteran’s personality, emotional characteristics, financial literacy, wellness, career satisfaction, romantic relationships, and communication skills.

Soldiers and Their Families

“Excellent resource for the transition back to civilian life.” 

-Combat Veteran

AES can save lives, marriages, and other relationships.

-Military Spouse