AES First Responder

For Health Care Providers

First responders are some of our best and bravest.  AES First Responder for Health Care Providers assesses and identifies various traits observed in health care practitioners who have been exposed to traumatic stress.

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Our Health Care Providers are bravely managing the COVID-19 crisis but at a cost.  Overworked providers is leading to a crisis in stress.  We know that to prevent traumatic stress from becoming critical means addressing it early.  AES First Responder assesses and addresses traumatic stress in the medical care community.

What does AES First Responder Assess and Address?

Changes in Emotion

Inappropriate aggression

Inability to relax





New Social Challenges






Behavioral Changes




Concentration Problems


10% of profits from AES First Responder are  donated to families of fallen first responders.

The Difference Between Stress and Traumatic Stress

Stress is an epidemic that has been problematic well before COVID-19.  It is possible, if not likely, that traumatic stress will develop in the general population due to the fear and stress associated with the pandemic.   What we know now is that health care providers are overworked, overwhelmed, and dealing with traumatic emergencies every day. 

Medical care practitioners are resilient.  They face crises every day. They are not always the first people to pay attention to their own needs because they have been trained to focus on and treat the problems of others.  AES helps identify areas that may not be obviously associated with traumatic stress.  Using decades of research on traumatic stress, Your Success Insights has developed the AES system to address the trauma these health care practitioners are now experiencing.    

Our Mission for AES First Responder

YSI’s mission is to deliver accessible, affordable, and clinically superior resources for all health care providers. Through early intervention, we can help medical practitioners address emotional, social, and behavioral challenges brought on by work-related trauma and stress.


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Let’s Help Our Brave Health Care Providers

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