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What is the POWERS Assessment ?

POWERS is a Comprehensive & Dynamic Assessment Designed To Accelerate Your Success in Business & in Life

POWERS assesses KEY STRENGTHS and determines distinct limitations that may be interfering with one’s work-life balance.



POWERS was created to help identify personal strengths and BARRIERS TO ACHIEVING EXCELLENCE in and outside of the workplace.

The results of POWERS can be used as a basis to not only transform skills in the workplace but also PROMOTE A HEALTHY WORK-LIFE BALANCE.

The results of POWERS help individuals better understand PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS that are aiding success or hindering achievement.


POWERS is based on DECADES OF RESEARCH on personality, productivity, health, wellness, intelligence, and interpersonal skills. 

POWERS provides an IMMEDIATE IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS of Dimensions of Success with up to 19 Success Subgroups.

Personalized Guidance on the

Impact of Your Traits for

7 Areas on Each Scale

The POWERS 2.0 Categories for Work-Life Balance

Communication Ability

Body Language

Handling Feedback



Emotional Powers





Career Satisfaction

Work Boundaries


Career Trajectory



Stress Management 




Financial Powers

Financial Health


Spending Patterns


Relationship with Significant Other*

Managing Conflict


Quality TIme

*Category only appears if you indicate you have a significant other. 


Communication Style






Who Is POWERS 2.0 For ?

Working Parents

Anyone Who:

Feels Unsatisfied

Has Strained Relationships

Is Overwhelmed

Hasn’t Found Their Dream Career

Is Invested In Their Personal Development and Wellness


What You Get In Every

POWERS 2.0 Assessment

Access on Almost Any Device

Information on Work-Life Balance and Personal Well-Being

A Detailed Overview as Well as Thorough Information Created by Our Doctors and Experts

A Fully Customized Report and Success Guide

Detailed Information on up to 18 Categories

Discover Strengths and Obstacles

Get your Results Instantly in a Comprehensive Report that is Easy to Read & Implement.
Print it or View it 24/7 from your Computer or Smartphone. 

Instant & Comprehensive Results


After completing POWERS, a detailed and in-depth report is immediately delivered with a comprehensive profile and analysis of the dimensions and subgroups.

POWERS can be completed easily in 5 minutes or less.

With millions of possible result combinations, POWERS can provide a very specific and valuable personal profile enabling you to have a radical transformation in your life.

Our Team of Doctors and Experts 

Have Appeared in Dozens of Global Media Outlets

How Was POWERS 2.0 Developed ?

POWERS was developed by using empirically derived research on leadership, relationships, job performance, and personality traits to create a set of questions that measures traits which highlight the most important of these attributes.

What Do Our Clients Say ?


"This was an amazing assessment. I learned things about myself that I never knew before and was excited to share them with my husband."."

Courtney K.

"The POWERS was a real wake-up call for me and know I know things I need to fix to be a more involved dad.."

Conrad H. 

"The POWERS is like a roadmap to my life. It is so helpful and easy to understand."

Jack M.

Are You Ready to Discover Your True POWERS ?

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