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 The Practice of Therapy is Evolving

Expand Your Practice with POWERS 2.0

The practice of therapy has changed forever.  Those of us trained as therapists learned how to manage the nuances of human interaction to help others grow and improve. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape entirely and we are still trying to predict how it will all look when life begins to return to normal.  Regardless of what changes are coming, here is what we do know:  people are suffering, people are unemployed, and people are overwhelmed.


Looking into the future of therapy practice, we will need to expand who we see as potential clients.  The practice of therapy is going to expand its reach to people who would have never sought it before. This is due to the increased stress and pressure of the current world as well as the convenience of doing therapy at a distance.  Many therapists are at the mercy of insurance companies who at any time can change reimbursement rates or the willingness to cover therapy at a distance at all.  Protect your future by becoming POWERS 2.0 Certiried. 

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How To Expand Your Practice with a POWERS 2.0 Certification

Stand Out

Differentiate yourself from other practitioners by offering a robust assessment tool that can help provide a road map for treatment and frame goals.


More Income

Provide an additional and consistent stream of passive income.


Immediate & Comprehensive

The POWERS is fully self-scoring and interpreted so that the client can understand their results without the need to engage doctoral level professionals.


Entirely Digital

All you have to do is share a link to get your client started.


POWERS 2.0 Was Created By Psychologists, Designed for Everyone

Your Success Insights, creators of POWERS 2.0, was established due to  frustrations with the assessment industry.  The assessment industry often focuses on what is wrong with an individual and the assessments that are available are often difficult for many to access. Assessments are often inaccessible tools either because of the gatekeepers in the assessment industry or prohibitive costs.

YSI is the first assessment company in the world to do the following:

  • Focus on an individual’s unique qualities and highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Create tools that are inclusive, accessible, and affordable to everyone who needs them.
  • Offer assessments of all levels of therapy providers which are self-scoring and immediately interpreted.
  • Utilize an affiliate model so that practitioners who utilize YSI assessments would benefit financially.


Becoming POWERS Certified is easy, quick, and affordable.

Sign up to take our two-hour online training program which includes a comprehensive interpretive guide for use with your clients. Once complete, you will receive a link to sign up as an affiliate. POWERS Certified Practitioners/Consultants receive 30% in commission for each assessment sold.  POWERS 2.0 Certifiecation launching in August. Click here to sign up today!

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